Universal Basic Income

A good review of Basic Income: And How We Can Make It Happen by Guy Standing (Pelican, 2017) is here  in the London School of Economics Review of Books.

The book deals with many of the usual criticisms of UBI such as in this polemic by NEF’s Principal Fellow Anna Cootes, entitled There are fairer ways to spread prosperity than universal basic income.




2 thoughts on “Universal Basic Income

  1. Guy Standing’s book “Basic Income: And how we can make it happen” (Pelican, 2017) is inconsistent, and dangerously so.
    On p.38 he discusses how the basic income might help solve the ecological imperative. So far so good, but Chapter 5 (p.97) is a paean to its ability to underpin higher economic growth.
    If the present (non existent) eco- incentives and disincentives remain unchanged, Standing would have the Basic Income simply hasten the unsustainable headlong dash to climate change, ocean acidification, habitat and agricultural land loss . . . www,clivelord.wordpress.com


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